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TraitsBody / Short (no spoiler)
Items / Puppet (no spoiler)
Hair / Grey (no spoiler)
Hair / Short (no spoiler)

Body / Short (no spoiler)
Body / Younger Appearance (no spoiler)
Items / Puppet (no spoiler)
Personality / Opposite Gender Voiced (no spoiler)

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Nicole Shorter


Nicole Shorter
Nicole Shorterニコル・ショーター 
MeasurementsHeight: 133cm, Weight: 29kg
Hair, Grey, Short
Body, Short, Younger Appearance
Items, Puppet
Personality, Opposite Gender Voiced
Visual novelsSide character - Ore-tachi no Sekai wa Owatteiru.
Voiced byHidaka Noriko


Age: 10013 years old
Likes: Silence, sightseeing, zigzag penalty
Skill: Go to bed early, makes your wish fulfilled
Role: NPC that leads humanity into failure

A devil doll that appears in Judgement 7's second game "Zigzag Dolls".

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