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r52457.22019-02-18 at 02:09lunaterraFirst Kiss at a Spooky Soireepartial -> complete
r23194.22019-02-17 at 23:33wakaranaiRadical*Tenderformat
r58635.72019-02-17 at 22:16jansonsethSummer Pocketsadded spoiler tags
r58635.62019-02-17 at 22:15jansonsethSummer PocketsUpdated Translation Status
r62306.22019-02-17 at 22:06kotaeden* PLUS+MOSAICeden* PLUS+MOSAIC
r62306.12019-02-17 at 22:06kotaEden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.tba patch
r62305.12019-02-17 at 22:04kotaSono Hi no Kemono ni wa,tba patch
r62304.12019-02-17 at 22:02kotaTrinolinetba pacth
r62303.12019-02-17 at 22:01kotaSoreyori no Prologuetba patch
r62302.12019-02-17 at 22:01lunaterraMy Burning Heart - DemoNew release based on r58055.2
r62301.12019-02-17 at 22:00kotaNatsuzora no Perseustba patch
r53887.52019-02-17 at 21:59lunaterraHeart of the Woods - 18+ Patch..
r62300.32019-02-17 at 21:59kotaTsumi no Hikari Rendezvousinternet download
r53887.42019-02-17 at 21:57lunaterraHeart of the Woods - 18+ Patchadditional link
r62300.22019-02-17 at 21:56kotaTsumi no Hikari Rendezvousplatform win
r62300.12019-02-17 at 21:55kotaTsumi no Hikari RendezvousTBA patch
r57538.62019-02-17 at 21:53kota12 no Tsuki no EveThis is patch
r62299.22019-02-17 at 20:56eacilGame Technopolis - Super Collection 1note
r40389.42019-02-17 at 20:50eacilGame Technopolis - Super Collection 2jan&cat link link date link
r62299.12019-02-17 at 20:34eacilGame Technopolis - Super Collection 1compilation > link); jan&cat link; format link
r40387.62019-02-17 at 20:22eacilHimitsu no Hanazonodate link)
r59246.72019-02-17 at 20:20triorityWelcome To... Chichester Redux : The Spy Of America And The Long VacationUpdated rating
r42768.42019-02-17 at 20:15eacilHimitsu no Hanazonodate link jan link
r42767.22019-02-17 at 20:12eacilHare Nochi Oosawagi!date link jan link
r62298.12019-02-17 at 20:10eacilEndan Genpei Souranki ~Irohanihoheto~release link link
r42761.32019-02-17 at 20:06eacilGaudi ~Barcelona no Kaze~date link jan link
r62297.12019-02-17 at 20:03eacilEndan Tokugawa Kouryuuki ~Gorakuin~release link
r62296.12019-02-17 at 19:57eacilEndan Genpei Souranki ~Irohanihoheto~release link link
r42818.22019-02-17 at 19:51eacilEndan Rekishi Emaki ~Nukata no Ookimi~date link
r8681.32019-02-17 at 19:48eacilDead of the Brain ~Day of the Living Dead~date link
r42022.22019-02-17 at 19:41eacilCAL IIwhat's your source for this date? I have 11-08 on link; also jan link
r62295.22019-02-17 at 19:34eacilMakenshi Kumikoplatform
r62295.12019-02-17 at 19:34eacilMakenshi Kumikorelease link link
r42749.32019-02-17 at 19:30eacilDatenshi Kyouko Part 1date link
r42750.22019-02-17 at 19:18eacilBishoujo Norikodate link
r59868.302019-02-17 at 18:53originHoshi Ori Yume MiraiUpd
r15749.82019-02-17 at 18:07wakaranaiOjou-sama o Nerae!! - First Press Editionformat
r62294.12019-02-17 at 17:26beliarDemon Wraith - Demorelease
r51104.52019-02-17 at 17:24shining17Katawa Shoujo Restoration Project - Prealpha RepairUpdate link
r58254.32019-02-17 at 16:49beliarKimple Datingformat
r58790.42019-02-17 at 16:39beliarSoUnd Is ToxIcres, platform
r60616.42019-02-17 at 16:26zoltyHinasawa Tomoka no Zettai Joousei - Trial EditionTypo
r56922.42019-02-17 at 16:04beliarWhere the Heart Is: Episodes 1-9Updated to the latest info. Not sure about that free link: on one hand it was added by the dev himself, on the other, the game is commercial on the
r62266.32019-02-17 at 12:58dinhbinh599Chaos;Head NoahAdd official website
r62293.12019-02-17 at 12:41beliarNew Life With My Daughter Re-Release v0.2.0bNew release based on r52233.8
r62221.22019-02-17 at 12:36terios121Bosei Kanojo 2 -Chisei Houkai Hen-Specs.
r55455.72019-02-17 at 12:32beliarRomancing the Kingdom v.0.60last update
r60191.52019-02-17 at 12:28beliarIndecent Desires v0.2update
r51086.72019-02-17 at 12:21beliarNightclub XXX v0.02.3links
r59104.42019-02-17 at 11:52beliarWifey's Dilemma v0.13links
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