1492 Studio

French Company

Parent producer: Ubisoft

A French company that makes romance games for women.
In March, 2018,this company was acquired by Ubisoft.



2015-05-18Is It Love? Carter Corp. Gabriel(developer, publisher)
2015-05-1812+    Is It Love? Carter Corp. Gabrieldeveloper, publisher 
2016-05-0312+   Is It Love? Carter Corp. Gabrieldeveloper, publisher 
2015-12-19Is It Love? Carter Corp. Matt(developer, publisher)
2015-12-1912+     Is It Love? Carter Corp. Mattdeveloper, publisher 
2016-10-3112+   Is It Love? Mattdeveloper, publisher 
2016-09-20Is It Love? Carter Corp. Ryan(developer, publisher)
2016-09-2012+     Is It Love? Carter Corp. Ryandeveloper, publisher 
2016-11-2012+   Is It Love? Ryandeveloper, publisher 
2017-04-10Is it Love? -Mystery Spell- Drogo(developer, publisher)
2017-04-1013+     Is it Love? -Mystery Spell- Drogodeveloper, publisher 
2017-06-21Is it Love? Carter Corp. Colin(developer, publisher)
2017-06-2113+     Is it Love? Carter Corp. Colindeveloper, publisher 
2017-12-13Is it Love? -Mystery Spell- Peter(developer, publisher)
2017-12-1313+     Is it Love? -Mystery Spell- Peterdeveloper, publisher 
2018-04-09Is it Love? Carter Corp. Adam(developer, publisher)
2018-04-0913+     Is it Love? Carter Corp. Adamdeveloper, publisher 
2018-06-26Is it Love? -Mystery Spell- Nicolae(developer, publisher)
2018-06-2613+     Is it Love? -Mystery Spell- Nicolaedeveloper, publisher
2018-10-02Is it Love? -Mystery Spell- Sebastian(developer, publisher)
2018-10-0213+     Is it Love? -Mystery Spell- Sebastiandeveloper, publisher 
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