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c20952.72019-02-15 at 10:27thewayfarerMuramasaBody traits
v24748.132019-02-15 at 10:21thewayfarerSPIRAL!!Adding CV (Missing: 北都南)
c77639.62019-02-15 at 10:19thewayfarerOotsu RoseBig~
c80453.12019-02-15 at 10:17thewayfarerYamamomo RheniAdding side character
c80452.12019-02-15 at 10:17thewayfarerMoribu AoiAdding side character
c80087.22019-02-15 at 09:56thewayfarerOsumi AsagaoStray trait I missed...
c80447.12019-02-15 at 09:34thewayfarerAizome KaguyaAdding character
r62226.12019-02-15 at 09:19thewayfarerKakeochi - Limited Edition with Dakimakura CoverAdding limited edition
r62225.12019-02-15 at 09:18thewayfarerKakeochi - Download EditionAdding download release
r62224.12019-02-15 at 09:18thewayfarerKakeochi - Regular EditionAdding regular release
v25329.12019-02-15 at 09:11thewayfarerKakeochiAdding new visual novel from Lass Pixy link
c66610.292019-02-15 at 08:52thewayfarerYorutsuki HioriI'll fix this grammar...and what a challenge. (Tried to keep it consistent; mostly simplified.)
r62221.12019-02-15 at 08:20thewayfarerBosei Kanojo 2 -Chisei Houkai Hen-Adding initial release - Website pending for spec info
v25328.12019-02-15 at 08:17thewayfarerBosei Kanojo 2 -Chisei Houkai Hen-Adding second game in the series - Temporary image link
c66610.202019-02-14 at 08:33thewayfarerYorutsuki HioriNOTE: You have to add the slash to the BBcode to only apply to the select text properly.
v23736.442019-02-14 at 08:26thewayfarerGirls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto-Adding Faust's CV link
c67062.32019-02-12 at 20:57thewayfarerRoccoArmor trait
c9279.82019-02-12 at 14:26thewayfarerJikan/TimeSpecific accessory trait
c41720.42019-02-12 at 09:51thewayfarerPastel IshtyExtending visual traits
c41721.22019-02-12 at 09:50thewayfarerKiryi FiritchiExtending visual traits
c41720.32019-02-12 at 09:40thewayfarerPastel IshtySpecific trait
c66634.22019-02-12 at 07:08thewayfarerKotosaka HimenaGal
c80300.22019-02-12 at 06:30thewayfarerNase KaichouFixed hair color
v24418.72019-02-12 at 06:28thewayfarerHoukai Tenshi AstraeaMore CVs
c80301.22019-02-12 at 06:27thewayfarerSentai EarthHow
c80301.12019-02-12 at 06:27thewayfarerSentai EarthAdding side character
c80300.12019-02-12 at 06:27thewayfarerNase KaichouAdding side character
c80299.12019-02-12 at 06:26thewayfarerSenna KazukiAdding side character
c74616.22019-02-11 at 09:28thewayfarerRicotteClothing trait
c34602.72019-02-11 at 07:10thewayfarerCon SuHat trait
c74422.22019-02-10 at 00:57thewayfarerSeinaExtending visual traits (includes both pure and impure)
c38175.22019-02-08 at 22:05thewayfarerRuuFilling traits
v23736.412019-02-08 at 10:58thewayfarerGirls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto-Added Ganimard's CV link
c59453.42019-02-08 at 06:20thewayfarerTooyama MasaeEye trait
c80143.12019-02-08 at 06:18thewayfarerSakagami ToshiyaAdding protagonist
c41455.42019-02-08 at 04:59thewayfarerKarasuzumi IkkatsuHairstyle
c58191.42019-02-08 at 04:58thewayfarerSubstance-ConceptBody traits
c58191.32019-02-08 at 04:57thewayfarerSubstance-ConceptExtending traits
c34604.42019-02-08 at 04:55thewayfarerMilgramEye + Body traits
r61840.22019-02-07 at 06:57thewayfarerTasogare no Folklore - Limited EditionDelayed link
r60712.62019-02-07 at 06:57thewayfarerTasogare no Folklore - Regular EditionDelayed link
v24725.152019-02-06 at 10:55thewayfarerRealive404 error because of double slashes. And source should say "Official website" instead. Because where is this..."official translate?"
v23736.382019-02-06 at 09:58thewayfarerGirls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto-Adding Lupin's CV
v24725.122019-02-06 at 09:35thewayfarerRealiveFixing grammar while keeping it the same.
v24581.62019-02-06 at 03:15thewayfarerGAP Mahou Shoujo!? Milky Way ~Ishu Inshoku no Hate ni~Please mark NFSW screens
c912.112019-02-05 at 13:04thewayfarerRindou RuriAccessory trait
r60871.52019-02-05 at 11:57thewayfarerTsuki no Kanata de AimashouRelease date announced link
c77636.62019-02-05 at 07:57thewayfarerHanda SangoDaughter
v24748.122019-02-05 at 07:57thewayfarerSPIRAL!!Adding more CVs
c80090.12019-02-05 at 07:55thewayfarerChuutetsuAdding side character
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