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Corona BlossomFirst game from Front Wing. Let alone the beautiful artwork to know how moe and great this game is.5/6-
2016-07-27   Corona Blossom Vol 1: Gift From the Galaxy - Al...Obtained
2016-07-28   Corona Blossom Vol 1: Gift From the Galaxy - 18...Pending
2016-10-27   Corona Blossom Vol.2: The Truth From Beyond - 1...Obtained
2016-10-27   Corona Blossom Vol.2: The Truth From Beyond - A...Obtained
2017-01-26   Corona Blossom Vol.3: Journey to the Stars - Al...Obtained
2017-01-27  Corona Blossom Vol.3: Journey to the Stars - 18...Obtained
Elisa: The InnkeeperWhat a fun and detailed original visual novel. I'll be expecting more from Neoclassic Games.1/2-
2017-03-28      Elisa: The InnkeeperObtained
2017-06-21  Elisa: The Innkeeper H-Rated DLCPending
Elisa: The Innkeeper - A New Customer Arrives!1/2-
2017-09-25        Elisa: Seduce the InnkeeperObtained
2017-10-02  Elisa: Seduce the Innkeeper - 18+ DLCPending
Goddess XoXoIndie game -- I bought this because I liked the clothing designs of these goddess characters.1/1-
2018-08-05  Goddess XoXoObtained
Harem ProtagonistRan into this particular visual novel. Shows promise; even after playing the demo. So I'm gonna put this on my watchlist. Good to see another potentially good OELVN from another group. :)0/0-
How to Date a Magical Girl!2/2-
2019-01-31  How To Date A Magical Girl!Obtained
2019-01-31  How To Date A Magical Girl! - Physical EditionObtained
KarakaraSo much mystery and emphasis on the peace in this land so arid, a majestic life story in a mysterious post-apocalyptic setting.Finished2/28
2016-06-27   KARAKARA - 18+ DLCObtained
2016-06-27   KARAKARA - All-ages EditionObtained
Karakara 22/2-
2017-11-10    KARAKARA2 - All-ages EditionObtained
2017-11-11    KARAKARA2 - 18+ PatchObtained
Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete1/2-
2013-06-28  If My Heart Had Wings - Download EditionObtained
2013-07-15  If My Heart Had Wings Restoration Patch v1.0Pending
Legends of Talia: ArcadiaWinged Cloud's first ever non "Sakura" game ever in two years. It's why I decided to buy it. :P (For a bargin.)1/1-
2017-10-27   Legends of Talia: ArcadiaObtained
Loca Love - Dousei x Kouhai2/2-
2018-10-26   LocaLove My Cute Roommate 18+ Patch for SteamObtained
2018-10-26   Loca-Love My Cute Roommate - Steam EditionObtained
Lucy Got ProblemsA light-hearted visual novel about the misadventures of a klutzy succubus demon. Amusing and funny to say the least.Stalled1/17
2018-09-28  Lucy Got Problems - Steam VersionObtained
2017-10-20  Mutiny!! - Grozdana Kakra Bonus Route Uncensor ...
2017-10-20  Mutiny!! - Steam EditionObtained
2017-10-20  Steam Mutiny!! Uncensor Patch
2017-10-20  Mutiny!! - Grozdana Kakra - Bonus RouteObtained
2017-10-20  Mutiny!! - Elizabeth Margaret - Bonus RouteObtained
2017-10-20  Mutiny!! - Elizabeth Margaret Bonus Route Uncen...
Neko-nin exHeartYay, Whirlpool~ The moege company's coming to the west. :32/2-
2017-04-21  NEKO-NIN exHeart - Steam EditionObtained
2017-04-21  NEKO-NIN exHeart - 18+ DLCObtained
Neko Para Extra: Koneko no Hi no Yakusoku1/1-
2018-07-27    NEKOPARA ExtraObtained
Neko Para Vol.0 Minazuki Neko-tachi no Nichijou!Okay neko short story of the Nekopara series, nya~Finished1/17
2015-08-17    Neko Para Vol.0 Minazuki Neko-tachi no Nichijou...Obtained
Neko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita!Ah, nothing but a nyan-derful slice story of human and catgirl relationship. Heheh.Finished2/28
2014-12-29    NEKOPARA Vol.1 - All-ages EditionObtained
2017-01-27    NEKOPARA Vol. 1 18+ patchObtained
Neko Para Vol.2 Shimai Neko no SucreIt's all about the catgirls, nya~Finished2/28
2016-02-19    NEKOPARA Vol.2 - All-ages EditionObtained
2016-02-19    NEKOPARA Vol.2 - 18+ PatchObtained
Neko Para Vol.3 Neko-tachi no AromatizePlaying2/2-
2017-05-25    NEKOPARA Vol.3 - All-ages EditionObtained
2017-05-25    NEKOPARA Vol.3 - 18+ PatchObtained
Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~First Key game. Looking forward to read it. (maybe)1/1-
2014-09-12   Planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ St...Obtained
Ramen no OujisamaHmm, this game might have potential. I guess I'll look forward to it.0/0-
Sakura AngelsFirst game bought from Winged Cloud and their genre-savy releases. Still have yet to read this novel for my overall opinion.2/2-
2015-01-16  Sakura Angels - Voiceless EditionObtained
2015-09-07   Sakura Angels - Voiced EditionObtained
Sakura SpiritThe game that would span an entirely of genre-savy series --- A bargin from a Black Friday sale1/1-
2014-07-09  Sakura SpiritObtained
San Se △ Hui Lian -Tricolour Lovestory-1/1-
2017-09-21   Tricolour LovestoryObtained
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