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t11869.12019-01-3015th AnniversaryIt's been 15 years since Fate/Stay Night was first released in 2004. It's awesome to see how a beloved franchise expanded into multiple series filled
t11868.62019-01-30Ruka's name#4 International releases tend to ignore long vowels (ō and ē) and write it raw without those macrons. They've been doing that for ages with Japanese
t10625.142019-01-25Note on official romanisation vs. database rulesMainly this could be for consistency for those who are fluent in Japanese.
t11827.22019-01-18I'm sorryI think you should be talking to terios121 about this, though I can see they took it well. All in all, I'm just here to help. You'll improve. Just
t2108.26462019-01-18Candidates for deletionKurumi Hana dupe of Kurumi Hana
t2108.26352019-01-14Candidates for deletionHorror school It's too ambiguous for me to search up; Probably a troll entry based on the summary and "description".
t3314.16002018-12-12TraitsQuestion: Just remember finding a few characters in the database with Curtained bangs, but noticed a few of them only have half the bangs on one side
t3617.15672018-12-06Tags suggestions/fixes@warfoki: It did felt off to me since I noticed it was in a general-rated parent tag. But either way, we still have to tag Sexual Corruption on all
t3617.15632018-12-06Tags suggestions/fixesIs there an example of any NON-hardcore Visual novels that involve Corruption of Characters...being a child trait of Drama? Maybe because around 75
t2108.25972018-12-05Candidates for deletionTrinity's Tale~Hajimari no Tamago New user made an accidental dupe of Trinity's Tale~Hajimari no Tamago
t11556.42018-11-27Only 1 virgin?Because, it would be completely redundant to label *every* character with the Virgin trait. It's why it got rejected. The "Not a Virgin" trait would
t3314.15392018-11-26TraitsCan we have the alias "Lipstick" be separated from Makeup as its own trait? It's quite a distinctive cosmetic makeup and I've been labeling women
t11557.32018-11-25If you're still here...If nobody is there to check, who will?
t11557.12018-11-25If you're still here...Could you check if translation on v22313.29 is...correct? I've been trying to figure it out if this is really machine translation or just some guy
t11462.82018-11-14Actual netorare in this?Yeah, soon as I eyed those tags about a game obviously focused on pure love vanilla, my mouth dropped through the floor. He even put 1.0 votes on
t3314.15112018-11-13TraitsWell, the goblins were dated *waaaaay* back in the years before Orcs have coined as a fantasy species. It's like Tolkiens' version of a "muscular
t3314.15092018-11-13Traits#1508 Orcs are an akin to the folklore Goblins, but nowadays "orc" only refer to those "tall and strong greenskins." But just using that word on the
t3314.15072018-11-13TraitsAbout the Goblin trait that got rejected... I'm getting there. I found at least three characters who are goblins: Cla-Min Goblin Grob
t11495.52018-11-12Some advicesy74kya, traumatizer's reversion there was justifiable because there is too much tedious information of scenes and there's too much spoilers revealed
t11498.172018-11-11No Sexual Content Tag, Potential Spoiler...I'm gonna need to work on my choice of words. What I meant is cancel my tag vote once the former does the same because mine were used to
t11498.122018-11-11No Sexual Content Tag, Potential Spoiler#11 You can remove your votes by clicking here:Um, I knew that. But the former's mistagged votes have yet to be zero'd, too.
t11498.102018-11-11No Sexual Content Tag, Potential SpoilerCan't get a taste to see for myself because...this game costs $35. No way I'm buying it without proper revenue. I did a little research and the game
t10302.742018-11-09Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread#72 Been trying to neutralize the troll votes after seeing that.
t9582.72018-11-09Personal sandbox thread! (private)Pasting an entire url: link (Guess it works.)
t8242.1662018-11-08The how to edit threadSpeaking of readability, is there a quota for space usage for non-hyphen, special symbols in-between words in romaji from original title names? Like
t2108.25512018-10-28Candidates for deletionr60371 (near) simultaneous dupe of r60370 I swear, it wasn't there after my double-triple checks.
t2108.25452018-10-25Candidates for deletion#2544 Don't forget about Ikki Yuhache.
t3314.14912018-10-23TraitsWould the Anthropomorphism trait also apply to animals...? And Furry? #1490 Kinda been using that trait since it got approved. It's more of a direct
t3314.14772018-10-15TraitsJeeze...I almost mistook Back Hair as an "actual" head hair trait, only for it to be parented as a "Body Hair". That's kinda confusing if it not had
t3314.14672018-10-13Traits#1465 I'm with namingmegently on this. Generally, "Reptile" is the general classification of scaly animals. Such animals include Snakes as
t2108.25302018-10-10Candidates for deletion#2529 That's what I was trying to say. They probably was meant to add it to the two releases, but I don't know how'd they ended up 'adding' a
t3314.14572018-10-10TraitsCan 'Easygoing' and 'Mellow' be aliases of Relaxed? Or...should it be for Carefree? But they do seem the same.
t2108.25282018-10-10Candidates for deletionr60099 One too many releases for Ero Voice! H na Voice de Icha Love Success ♪. So far, there's only the Package and Download edition of the games.
t3314.14342018-10-03Traits#1433 I still use that trait, though. Only on those who aren't human-ish. Including (conventional) animals. At least in my way. Relatively speaking
t8242.1612018-09-28The how to edit threadWell...I've been following the guidelines to romanization in the event of international releases. If a VN was intended to be released first in
t8242.1582018-09-28The how to edit threadSo...Space Live just got a Japanese marketing release; a visual novel originally released first for English audiences. A year later, Japan can now
t3314.14112018-09-26TraitsGlad to see moderated traits being processed. Not to ostracize, but those Harem traits are just too subjective. Harem is just a genre and just
t2108.24892018-09-21Candidates for deletionKevin is a dupe of Kevin Li. It took the creator two months to realize it I guess.
t2108.24882018-09-19Candidates for deletionc75026 There's already a Miki right here. Also, they didn't even use the older image id and uploaded duplicate image he intend to use when they
t10302.442018-09-13Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadOne unreleased vote on Deatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to Atropos
t3314.13942018-09-11TraitsI see that Multiple Legs has been approved. Would Four-Legged that I've written in the description be made an applicable child trait since the
t7952.212018-09-06Mink official threadEnglish info from J-List blog It is impressive they had plenty of animated adaptions of their work...Some which were also questionably English
t11176.22018-09-05VotesI'm not sure that's coincidence or not. The votes seem somewhat detached so it doesn't look like they're organized together. Maybe, or maybe not
t11168.92018-09-04I created a top 40 favorite H-Scene list.Well...It's just a personal collection of favorite h-scenes. All just everyday romance vanilla even from well-known titles. But we have our happy
t8242.1472018-09-04The how to edit threadIs there a quota of what original language in the image (key visuals) should be used? I've seen some Peach Princess/G-Collections/JAST USA published
t3617.13832018-09-03Tags suggestions/fixesCan I request that Lolita Heroine be approved under a different name: "Heroine with Lolita Fashion." Whoever suggested that years ago didn't bother
t3617.13822018-09-03Tags suggestions/fixesCan "Hero Selection" and "Heroine Selection" be added as aliases to Hero(ine) Selection? So that in case people type "Hero" or "Heroine" first to try
t8242.1412018-08-27The how to edit threadQuestion about visual novel screenshots from consoles... I have been tipped off by lunaterra that *some* consoles have built-in screenshot captures
t3314.13882018-08-27TraitsThe Soccer wikipedia link directs me to Archery...
t11127.32018-08-27PS Vita screenshot captures & watermarksThat seems simple enough there... We should do that right now or there's bound to be similar situations later and more chaos is bound to happen. I
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