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v24200.42019-02-21 at 18:00tomtheerogemanGokinjo Idol Produce -Side Mia HazukiPlayed it. Game has only 3 h scenes.
v13233.92018-11-05 at 02:15tomtheerogemanShuki Shuki Daishuki!!Edited the description slightly because the person who wrote it doesn't seem to know what a プチアイドル is. Here's a news article about it: link That's
r58198.42018-07-29 at 03:09tomtheerogemanGangsta Arcadia ~Hipparcos no Tenshi~Added developer
r58199.22018-07-29 at 03:08tomtheerogemanHin wa Bokura no Fuku no Kami ~Binbou no Kami-sama Datte Shiawase ni Naritai ...Added developer
r58200.22018-07-29 at 03:08tomtheerogemanHanasaki Work Spring!Added developer
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