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t11924.12019-02-14Free on IndieGalalink DRM-free.
t11916.62019-02-14Singe fatherDream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a lot of dad jokes, hanging out with other single dads, and a very heartwarming friendship between the
t9766.22019-02-10Jap voices?Don't know if you still need an answer to this question, but I just happened to see that they released an updated version with selectable Japanese or
t11906.72019-02-10Replacing the screenshotsHuh, I thought there was something in the FAQ about preferring English screenshots over other languages, but it just says "Screenshots should
t11868.842019-02-02Ruka's nameLuka is the only person actually from Japan in Steins;Gate that actually knows how to speak English canonically. It would be *really* weird for him
t3617.16132019-01-19Tags suggestions/fixes^ You're right, if one's going to be a subtag of the other No Saves should be a subtag of No Quick Save/Load (because it has no quick saves and also
t3617.16112019-01-18Tags suggestions/fixes^ Yes.
t3617.16092019-01-18Tags suggestions/fixesNo Skip Read Text Option shouldn't be a subtag of No Skip Function because it has the opposite meaning -- this game has a skip function that can't be
t2108.26392019-01-15Candidates for deletionIf there's literally no information about a character besides a name, not even an image or a single character trait, the character is probably not
t11742.112018-12-31Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriThe only BL games with netorare I'm familiar with are Hadaka Shitsuji (which basically just throws every fetish at the wall to see if it sticks) and L
t8242.1962018-12-28The how to edit threadI think this was discussed before but I forget what the answer was. Should the medium include stuff that's included in the package but isn't
t11732.32018-12-28Impossible to playI don't know about this game specifically, but try running it in compatibility mode or running Windows XP on a virtual machine.
t3314.15822018-12-09TraitsI'm not familiar with that particular case (Harukoi Otome), but I'd tag it differently depending on whether she describes herself as bisexual or as
t3314.15802018-12-09TraitsI don't think that's a good idea. It makes the bisexual trait basically useless for finding characters who actually identify as bisexual. Speaking
t3617.15612018-12-06Tags suggestions/fixes@1559 Trap Heroine has been cross-listed under hero's traits for a while now to cover situations like Ratirica where the character is treated as one
t11600.32018-12-05Filtering by site linksAwesome, thank you! Looks like fewer than I thought there might be so it shouldn't take too long for me to back them up.
t11600.12018-12-04Filtering by site linksIs there any easy way to filter releases by the official site they link to? With Tumblr planning to ban adult content I wanted to make sure any VNs
t11549.142018-11-28Media coverage over censorshipBased on the discussion here (obviously you've seen it, sanahtlig, but link for others' reference) it seems like she was banned for trying to
t3617.15512018-11-26Tags suggestions/fixesSeke Protagonist should be a child tag of both Seme Protagonist and Uke Protagonist so people wouldn't feel the need to add all three tags and could
t11512.42018-11-13Female anatomy / internal ejaculation in vnNot understanding how the cervix works is a bad porn trope in general, not specifically a Japanese thing.
t11464.72018-11-05I expected more of this game@6 We get it, you hate moege, give it a fucking rest.
t3617.15382018-11-03Tags suggestions/fixesIf sex with women doesn't count, the tags should be renamed "Sex with Other Men".
t3314.15032018-11-03TraitsI think Bisexual Sex is a useful trait. It's the sort of thing where I'd usually say to just filter for Men with Men Sex or Lesbian Sex and
t11467.22018-11-02Abortion in vn?There's a trait for it: Abortion
t11465.12018-11-02IndieGala U+Me Seduction Bundlelink School Idol QT Cool Busty Maid Creampie Heaven! Nakadashi Banzai Nakadashi Banzai 4 Neighbor Watching Lust of the Apartment Wives Detective
t3314.14982018-10-29TraitsCan something about penetration with tails be added to the description/aliases of Sex with Tentacles (Consensual)? It's mentioned in Tailjob but not
t11423.82018-10-27Same crap as the Anime?That's sort of the point, though, the over-the-top aesthetic creates enough distance to address heavy themes without becoming emotionally
t11424.22018-10-27Delete r60351Done. For future reference, there's a dedicated thread for deletion requests, t2108.
t3314.14952018-10-26Traits@1493 I think your second and third examples would fall more under Rape by Proxy.
t2108.25412018-10-20Candidates for deletionPretty sure Paradise Plus is dead (no updates in three years, very little progress before that). Will delete the TBA releases unless someone has
t3617.15202018-10-15Tags suggestions/fixes@1518 Parallel hero/heroine/protagonist tags are generally a good idea even if one is underutilized so that people don't go "eh close enough" and use
t3314.14632018-10-12TraitsFiltering through traits that are very likely to be applied correctly and when relevant versus adding a new trait that may be misused and will likely
t3314.14612018-10-12Traitslink Filter for male characters with the traits men with men sex, engages in anal sex, and subject of anal sex. Doesn't need a separate trait.
t11348.32018-10-10None of your VNs workThanks.
t3314.14522018-10-07TraitsI think the fact that condoms are a physical barrier, and possibly shown in the art, makes it inherently different than just some throwaway line of
t11348.12018-10-07None of your VNs workt2108.2495 You have to export the actual game in Ren'Py, not just upload the executable file. None of your games are actually playable because none
t950.5172018-10-06VNDB Suggestions!On trait entries, you can't filter by character info and by spoiler; changing one undoes the other. Is it possible to fix that?
t11343.92018-10-06Is the build up slow, or are the scenes censored?^I think it has to do with voice actor contracts, like they're uncomfortable saying certain words? Or maybe it's the companies being overly cautious
t11347.22018-10-06A requestUnlocked now.
t11340.22018-10-05Release dates for ios/android appsVery helpful, thank you!
t3314.14362018-10-05TraitsShould One-night Stand be a child trait of Casual Sex?
t11336.22018-10-04Russian localizationYou can add a release entry. Let me know if you need help with that. Is the patch already released or are you working on it?
t3617.14662018-10-02Tags suggestions/fixesThanks.
t3617.14642018-10-02Tags suggestions/fixesCan I be a bit anal retentive and ask you to change those Xs to lowercase? Or if no one else is bothered by it I guess I can deal.
t11314.402018-10-01Could otome games help to better understand women?^ Seconded, thanks.
t11302.212018-09-30Spoilerous by default tags & traitsIMO knowing the number and type of endings is more like technical information than a story spoiler -- the purpose is to let you know if you have to
t11302.92018-09-29Spoilerous by default tags & traitsI agree that Single Ending and One True End should not be spoilers by default. I don't think the various Good Endings/Bad Endings tags should be
t2108.25082018-09-25Candidates for deletionI think a good rule of thumb is that if a character who falls under "makes an appearance" doesn't have a name and/or a unique sprite, think twice
t2108.24952018-09-24Candidates for deletionIt seems the developer uploaded the Ren'Py executable file instead of the actual game archive (hence why they're all the same, the difference between
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