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v17823.492018-03-22 at 01:00multiWagamama High SpecReverse relation update caused by revision v20524.27
v17823.482018-03-21 at 08:28x-rayjWagamama High SpecChanged back to sequel.
v17823.472017-11-21 at 01:34multiWagamama High SpecReverse relation update caused by revision v20524.22
v17823.462017-11-20 at 23:07multiWagamama High SpecReverse relation update caused by revision v20524.21
v17823.452017-09-30 at 17:39chipp12Wagamama High Speclink
v17823.442017-08-03 at 13:08dinoswWagamama High SpecAdded Screenshots.
v17823.432017-08-02 at 20:08dk382Wagamama High SpecRemoving bad screenshot. The game's native resolution is 1280x720. There is something wrong with your screenshot taking process if you're getting a
v17823.422017-08-02 at 18:10dinoswWagamama High SpecFirst of all, in regards to my latest screenshots being reverted, I'll remember to switch to windowed mode and disable "borderless gaming", if I take
v17823.412017-08-02 at 15:31kiruWagamama High SpecReverted to revision v17823.39 (orig res is exactly 1280x720, try windowed mode)
v17823.402017-08-02 at 14:49dinoswWagamama High SpecI am getting a warning due to odd resolution, but the game was running in fullscreen 1360x768 (1366x768 is a bit to wide for my laptop's screen), so
v17823.392017-08-02 at 02:55asakiWagamama High SpecOnce again, if you need link for the proof in regard of the seiyuu
v17823.382017-08-02 at 02:50asakiWagamama High SpecYes, another boy voiced by a girl here (He's a trap after all). Oh, here's the link if one need the proof
v17823.372017-07-31 at 15:37asakiWagamama High SpecAdd cast for the remaining male side characters
v17823.362017-07-29 at 14:03dresden196Wagamama High SpecBetter & more clear photo
v17823.352017-07-27 at 15:46gaazWagamama High Spec+1
v17823.342017-05-28 at 04:024396Wagamama High Specimg
v17823.332017-04-25 at 07:14aimer7547Wagamama High Specadd cast
v17823.322017-04-13 at 18:57traumatizerWagamama High Spec+1
v17823.312017-03-18 at 09:16707Wagamama High Specstaff
v17823.302016-12-30 at 07:09multiWagamama High SpecReverse relation update caused by revision v20524.1
v17823.292016-11-26 at 00:27fumakisouWagamama High Specfix typo error, even if it's a direct copy from anm site. Should it be "she" and not "he" since Kaoruko is a girl and she's the subject in the
v17823.282016-11-02 at 05:26nutellafanWagamama High SpecAdded artist
v17823.272016-09-22 at 19:21varioWagamama High Spec+2
v17823.262016-08-04 at 08:52realitymakerWagamama High Spec+ 2 VAs.
v17823.252016-06-05 at 10:01traumatizerWagamama High Specstaff
v17823.242016-05-12 at 20:59grelly-fainteWagamama High Specjust one nsfw
v17823.232016-05-06 at 02:41chipp12Wagamama High Speclink >アーシェルートは葉山 >本人が話したらしい >にっし~が兎亜、もじゃすぴぃがミヒロのアカウント使ってたからその2人はそのアカウントのキャラ担当なんじゃない? >
v17823.222016-05-03 at 22:52weilaiWagamama High Spec..
v17823.212016-05-02 at 05:39vgcheckerWagamama High SpecScreen
v17823.202016-04-30 at 05:22takumi75Wagamama High Specadd Length story
v17823.192016-04-12 at 10:34traumatizerWagamama High Specwiki
v17823.182016-03-18 at 18:08traumatizerWagamama High Specstaff note
v17823.172016-03-18 at 17:35tutujisiroWagamama High Spec..
v17823.162016-01-20 at 15:32traumatizerWagamama High Specalias fix
v17823.152016-01-11 at 19:09traumatizerWagamama High Spec+1
v17823.142016-01-03 at 23:33klutchWagamama High Speccv
v17823.132015-12-26 at 06:14nananaWagamama High Speccover
v17823.122015-12-11 at 10:51satsukiWagamama High Speccast
v17823.112015-11-25 at 12:23satsukiWagamama High Specop
v17823.102015-11-01 at 20:52vdzWagamama High SpecAdd alias
v17823.92015-09-30 at 01:19praxisWagamama High Specfalse info
v17823.82015-08-14 at 09:20nananaWagamama High Specname order
v17823.72015-08-14 at 09:18nananaWagamama High Specdesc
v17823.62015-08-14 at 07:09shinnewWagamama High SpecAnime.
v17823.52015-08-13 at 19:09ds1150Wagamama High Spec+staff
v17823.42015-06-23 at 10:43jaoWagamama High SpecNo proof that Syroh is working on this game. At least not as a "Character design" staff. (as always he'll probably help for the color) The main
v17823.32015-06-19 at 06:14nananaWagamama High Spec+1
v17823.22015-06-18 at 18:52ds1150Wagamama High Spechmm, forgot image
v17823.12015-06-18 at 18:50ds1150Wagamama High Specnew
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